Submission Details

Information details of the Star and Exoplanet designated to Australia for 2019 are below:

Country: Australia

Star Identification: HD 38283

Planet Identification: HD 38283b

Constellation: Mensa

Host Star Type: Yellow-white dwarf

RA (HMS): 05h37m02.02s

DEC(DMS): -73d41m57.6s

To give you the best chance at being nominated and winning the naming of the Exoplanet and Star competition for 2019, you will need to follow additional links to understand the requirements before submitting your answer.

Naming Rules and Methodology will help you understand the requirements when naming.

Once you have chosen a suitable name click on the How to Submit – Exoplanet Name Submission Form to provide your details, names of the Star and Exoplanet and a description of your answer.

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